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One question if I  am  doing  a ping from a vlan  our wethever without destination . 

I don´t get the behavor about the ping with out destination . What am I checking?

For example:

I dont get to get reply to dns gogle from my vlan_corp  10  . When I do a ping  from vlan 10  without destination . I get
packet lost , WHY?
I attach  the images for:
Ping  from vlan 10  without destination
Ping from vlan 10 destination
Ping   from internet suscelfull.

so thanks

Meraki Employee

Your first screenshot is not pinging no destination from vlan 10. That screenshot is from clicking ping appliance which is from dashboard to the appliance. Why you're getting so much loss and latency I don't know. I'd open a Support case.


Pings sourced from VLAN interfaces to internet don't make it through NAT and won't work. You can ping from VLAN interfaces to internal IPs though.

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