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QoS for telemed

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QoS for telemed

I am having a bad issue with dropped packets on a Telemed package that uses a 3rd party for the video.  The problem we are having is only on our Meraki WIFI, if we are on the LAN, there are no problems.  It seems like there is some setting or timing issue that is making it so we cannot get reliable streams. Basically, the stream stops after 2 seconds.  When on the wired LAN, runs for hours without issue.  


Any idea of how we can accommodate this service and what on the Wireless could be stepping on the traffic. The users are stationary and have a strong signal. 


Here are the tech specs about the service. 



  • Open TCP port 443
  • Whitelist the following domains:
    • *
    • *

Along with the minimum requirements, opening UDP Port 3478 will give you a better experience. UDP is highly recommended over TCP for better quality audio and video. The protocol favors timeliness over reliability which is consistent with the human perceptive preferences; where we can fill in gaps but are sensitive to time-based delays.

This port only accepts inbound traffic after an outbound request is sent. The connection is bidirectional but is always initiated from the corporate network/client so it is not possible for an external entity to send malicious traffic in the opposite direction. For the best possible experience, we recommend opening UDP ports 1025 - 65535.

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Re: QoS for telemed

Use bridge mode instead of NAT mode on the SSID.


Turn off 2.4Ghz if you can.


Failing that take a look at Wireless/RF-Spectrum to see how much spectrum is available.  If it is used a lot you may need to deploy additional access points to try and reduce the contention of your clients trying to get access to RF airtime.


I would also check out Wireless/Wireless Health, and see if there are any general issues showing up.


I guess you could also check Wireless/Air Marshall to see if you are being attacked.  You don't want to see any Rouge SSIDs or Spoofs or malicious broadcasts.


Also if you are not running at least 25.13 you should upgrade to that.

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Re: QoS for telemed

Thank you. I am running 25.13 currently.  I am currently in Dual band mode.  The user we are testing with is on 5Ghz and on a new HP laptop.  Should we change to "Dual band operation with Band Steering" or are you suggesting 5 GHz band only?  


Airmarshal shows 22 other SSIDs, but none on our channels or appear to be stepping on our 5GHz much.  I do have 2 rogue WIFIs listed.  We will track this down.  

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Re: QoS for telemed

I would go 5Ghz only, and disable 2.4Ghz.  2.4Ghz causes so many problems.  It is common for 5Ghz devices to attach to 2.4Ghz and cause intermittent issues.

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