Psion Workabout Pro G2,3 and 4 and MR33 not working properly

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Psion Workabout Pro G2,3 and 4 and MR33 not working properly

Hi all,

we have deployed MR33 in a testing environment. Using a WPA2 PSK SSID we are using

PSION Workabout PRO G2, 3 and 4. The Scanners get a correct IP and now try to connect to the working system. For testing purposes we pinged the booking system first with very poor performance (1 out of 10). Also the scanners do not connect correctly to the booking systems and the guys cannot work.

We set the Bitrate to 11 Mbps and the scanners are directly within 6 feet line of sight to the testing APs. 802.11r and w are disabled.

SSID is in Bridge mode.

With a Notebook everything works fine.

On the wireless cloud capture we see the ping request going to the booking system. But no response seems to go back over the wireless interface. On the wired interface of the AP we see the reply coming back correctly.

Anybody here having issues with scanning devices as well?

Best regards!

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Hi Nydo89,


I have a same problem at our customer. Did you solved your problem?


Best reagrds



Here to help

Seems to be something with the data rate shifting.

Everytime the AP and the Scangun negotiate a new Mbps Speed the Signal crashes.

Meraki Support set it to 1 and 2 Mbps fixed and it is improved quality.



Do you know the case # you had for this issue?  I'm having the exact problem, but support says there is no way to set the bitrate statically.






Will send Case number to you via private message. 

It is still running in this state today. 


In the critical places, however we changed MR33 to 42 with no problems and to be 100% safe. 

Thanks.. We are all 42's but having huge issues with the Pro 3 and 4's...

Private message is not possible (I guess because you just signed up!?). Will try again tomorrow. 

But maybe you can relay to this thread here. 

I'll try that

Héy Meraki,


any update on this ? I have a customer wanting to start with a POC with this use case


My guess is going to mother Cisco in this use case for now??


Or should we give it a try??



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