Print from WiFi Network to LAN Printer

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Print from WiFi Network to LAN Printer

I have a printer on the LAN and need to make it accessible to a single host (for now) on the WiFi network. I did not configure the MX with the current rules but have access to change them. There are two rules under "Security & SD-WAN/Configure/Firewall" One to deny access from LAN to WIFI and from WIFI to LAN. Under "Wireless/Firewall & Traffic Shaping" I added a rule to allow any/any to the LAN printer but I am not able to print. Are the two rules under Firewall taking precedence and preventing the access even though I "allowed" the access from the "Wireless/Firewall & Traffic Shaping" screen? Wifi devices are using Meraki DHCP and the host that needs to be able to print has a dhcp reservation. 

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Rules on the MX are processed from the top of the list down. So if you just added your ‘allow’ rule it’ll likely be at the bottom and the others will take precedence. You’ll need to move it up the list using the four-way-arrow icon under the Actions column.


If you are using a MR access point then you may also need to adjust rules on the SSID too. If you’re using a MX with built-in wireless then you just have the MX rules to adjust.

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Don't forget if you're routing between VLANs on the MX you're not only passing the MR but also the MX and you can be blocked at any of the two touchpoints.


So having the allow local lan, or specific subnet/IP on the MR is one thing, but if you're still blocking the traffic on the MX then yes you won't reach the printer.

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Also, don't forget about the rule (drop down option) to which blocks wifi traffic from the wired network. This is on the AP config and always gets me when it randomly turns on.

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