Pre-load and hide email account for Splash Page


Pre-load and hide email account for Splash Page

Hi Everyone,


Meraki has broken our splash page which dynamically entered and hid an email account on our guest wifi splash page. The point of this was to use a radius account that we change the password for every-month. This way our guests only have to get the password from our front desk.


script tags are no longer accepted when using the meraki portal to adjust the splash. Were currenlty looking at the option of hosting our own splash page but i wanted to check with the community 1st to see if anyone accomplished this same scenario with the default splash page designer in the meraki portal before we implement another thing that can fail.  Please and thank you!

Kind of a big deal

I don't have an answer to your question, but as an alternative if all you're after is a changing password you could consider changing the SSID to pre-shared key, and then add a click thru splash page if you need to display something like Terms and Conditions.

Kind of a big deal

You could also still use a splash page and create a local Meraki account.

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