Power outage or AP restarting


Power outage or AP restarting

So the last few weeks we have had some issues with our MR33 losing connection or power. The event logs don't say anything but the clients reassociate with the AP after the issue. The AP loses connection around 12:00:12 am - 12:00:37 am. Is there any where I can see more logs or tell what is going on with this?

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I think the only way to see this is to hover your mouse over the connectivity bar and it will indicate the reason for loss of connection.

Kind of a big deal

You have to contact support to confirm the actual UPTIME. They have access to see a column called 'uptime' so they can tell you how long the AP has actually been powered on for.
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Their isn;t any schedules set on the ports?

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How long is the connection down? Based on your post I'm guessing it's going down shortly after midnight and not for a span of 25 seconds correct? Is it just the single MR33 or are we looking at multiple across the same network? Since it's a predictable problem presenting within a very small time frame would you be able to long into the dashboard and either do a capture or even ping it to see if the AP goes down or just the clients lose access. It may just be easier to do a factory reset on it and letting it download the configuration again. Make sure you are not on Beta firmware as well, but a factory reset might fix it allowing you to move on.


It's an interesting issue, if it last more than 30 minutes definitely check the scheduling like someone mentioned. It has to be at least 30 minutes before you can schedule it so no short downtime of 5 minutes or so would be possible. I would post more info on it though if you want better responses but cause it's a bit open ended to help troubleshoot.

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If you are using DHCP for the AP's IP address check it makes a DHCP request.

If the up time ribbon on the AP and the switch port are unbroken green then it's unlikely that the AP has rebooted.

Having spent almost minutes proving that MX64s are not problem devices that lose connectivity for no reason I can say that simply checking the 'ribbon' and DHCP logs are hugely useful.

Clarification: The MX64s were being accused of being problem children due to losing connectivity with the WAN, the fact that there was no power to any Meraki devices was ignored by a certain support team.

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You can have a look at the switch if the switchport where the accesspoint are connected went down and up.

And: do you use PoE for the accesspoints? Did the switch reboot in this outage time? On Cisco classic you can see it in the log: (show logg).

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Any luck with your problem?

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