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Physically labeling access points

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Physically labeling access points

We physically label our access points so that non technical users can say I am near APXX when calling in. This is also useful for applications like InfoLink where it sends the name of the AP to the floor manager in case of an issue. Then the manager can identify the AP in question.


But we just switched to the MR86 and decided to not buy enclosures like we were before. Previously we would put reflective stickers like you would see on a mailbox or house on the enclosure. Usually the large ones so they could easily be seen from the ground.


But I am not sure about putting stickers on these due to heat concerns. Should i be concerned about the heat or is there another method you guys use to physically label your APs?

Head in the Cloud

Re: Physically labeling access points

Never had a problem labelling APs. Mostly it’s been with Dymo labels, but I’d imagine anything should work. The only thing I’d consider is not making it permanent, so that if you do need to RMA an AP you can peel the sticker off and send back a clean AP.

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