Non Meraki Site to Site VPN over WiFi

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Non Meraki Site to Site VPN over WiFi

I've set up a VLAN, setup a DHCP for that VLAN, and want to connect to a non Meraki peer site-to-site VPN, that is working for LAN connections but not for the WiFi connection.


I notice on the SSID page, it says VPN = NO



Is there another setting that requires adjustment to enable it or to be able to connect to the non Meraki VPN?

Kind of a big deal

On the SSID you don't need any additional configuration. Have you enable the WiFi VLAN to participate on VPN? Also check on Wireless  > Configure > Firewall & Traffic shaping if the wireless clients are allowed to access LAN.

I believe it is set that way...



Ok, Is the default gateway your Meraki MX? If yes you need to configure your Wifi VLAN to participate on VPN and the peer need to permit the subnet (Wifi VLAN) to communicate on VPN.






Just one information, VPN on SSID is when you use the MX as a concentrator on DHCP mode.

Kind of a big deal

Bridge the WiFi to the VLAN that already has access, and make sure that WiFi is configured to allow local LAN access.

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