NBAR + Wifi 6 + Combined networks?

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NBAR + Wifi 6 + Combined networks?

This document:


Says that in order for the new Wifi 6 access points to use NBAR, and thus generate actual usable traffic analysis stats, it must be in a wireless-only network, or a combined network with "(MS - any switch models + MR - WiFi-6 APs only)."


Am I correct in understanding this to mean that NBAR on the Wifi6 access points will not work when in a combined network with ANY model MX? Only MS and Wifi6 MRs allowed?

Kind of a big deal

Yep, you read the document correctly. It’s an improvement from when the WiFi6 access points first came out, they could only be in a wireless network with other WiFi6 access points if you wanted to use NBAR.


I imagine that eventually we’ll see greater integration, but probably not until the MX devices support NBAR too (so that they can make the combined reporting work in the Dashboard) - until then you’ll need at least two networks per site if you’re using an MX and want NBAR statistics from an MR.

Kind of a big deal

One of my most sought after wishes for Meraki: make NBAR happen on combined networks including MX soon 🙄

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