Missing notification on expiring SSID authentication

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Missing notification on expiring SSID authentication

Hi everyone,


we have a SSID with Google credential login. So when you connect to the WiFi, and you try to get a website, the google login page comes up and you have to type in your credentials.


But when the authentication expires, the user can not reach any website but google, because it is on the whitelist to get the login page. No notification comes up to the user, that they have to login again. The worst thing is, that you have to surf to a website that the user did not open for a long time, I guess because of hsts. Than the redirect works again.


How is it possible to get the user directly to the google auth page when the Wi-Fi authentication expires? But a push notification or simply a redirect to the google website?


Any ideas? 


Thank you 🙂

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