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Mesh-Networking/Bridgeing trunk ports?

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Mesh-Networking/Bridgeing trunk ports?


I need to connect a layer 2 network between two buildings with radio. The buildings are not in far distance, only about 30m. (And I can´t put a cable between).


Can I connect with mesh networking?


I need to connect a trunk link with a few VLANs between two MS switches and would like to use MR accesspoints for that.


In this documentation it´s explained, but I can´t see if this link is a trunk link with some VLANs in it:


Who has experience with that kind of network interconnect?


thank you


Head in the Cloud

Re: Mesh-Networking trunk ports?

You can choose only one VLAN to bridge, unfortunately.  So, you cannot use MR as a 'standard' bridge. 


Not sure why this is, but I have had to revert to other products for bridges like this.

Head in the Cloud

Re: Mesh-Networking/Bridgeing trunk ports?

Specifically from the link you shared:


Repeaters will also serve SSIDs trunked on different VLANs. However, only one SSID & associated VLAN may be configured to bridge wired clients across a mesh link on a repeater access point's Ethernet port. A mixture of wired clients and Cisco Meraki access points attached to one MR repeater interface is not a supported deployment configuration. This is due to the auto detection mechanisms that Cisco Meraki access points use to infer when they should function as a gateway or a repeater.

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Re: Mesh-Networking/Bridgeing trunk ports?

Unfortunately the MR line cannot trunk multiple VLAN's across a mesh bridge. I'd recommend looking at the Ubiquiti NanoStation line as a cheap alternative -

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