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Meraki multiple SSID - question

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Meraki multiple SSID - question



I wonder if Meraki uses any user profile for specified SSIDs. Like others, for example, I use 1 SSID PPSK and I can use multiple user profile (password) with VLAN redirection.


How that look with Aerohive?


I don't want to create 20 SSIDs with a different password for specific VLANs. thank you

Kind of a big deal

Re: Meraki multiple SSID - question

This chart shows the matrix of things that Meraki group policy can control per device type (look at the MR column in this case).  To answer your question more directly, yes you can specify a VLAN to drop users into.


Typically you would do this using RADIUS, but you can do it using only the Meraki portal.