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Meraki and Purple

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Meraki and Purple

i'm trying to use Purple as my portal hotspot. So i configure that all i need same as guide purple says. but when i connect to SSID, some device laptop or android can't trough automaticly  purple portal, or try to browse website, it is not automaticly redirect to portal.    any suggestion ?


*i attached my SSID configuration.


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Re: Meraki and Purple

Can you post a better screenshot? The image is not really readable. 

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Re: Meraki and Purple

Might want to provide a link to the guide you followed.


From the Meraki point of view, this is the guide to look at to configure EXCAP (External Captive Portal):


From your screenshot I'm wondering whether you performed this step:

Enabling a Custom-Hosted Splash page on the Meraki Cloud

  1. Navigate to Configure > Splash page
  2. Select the SSID you want to configure from the SSID drop-down.
  3. Under Custom splash URL select the radio button Or provide a URL where users will be redirected:
  4. Type the URL of your custom splash page:
  5. Click Save Changes.


Purple will need to be compatible for this to work properly!


Rakesh, here's the OP's screenshot more readable:


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Re: Meraki and Purple

This may be of assistance if you have not seen it already:


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