Meraki Partner of the Month Q&A: Cloud4Wi

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Meraki Partner of the Month Q&A: Cloud4Wi

We’re thrilled to share that the March Meraki Ecosystem Partner of the Month, Cloud4Wi, will join us here the week of April 24th for a Q&A session. Marketing VP Elena Briola (@Elena_Cloud4Wi) will be responding to questions on this thread all week starting then, so be sure to pop by and say hello! 


You’ll have a chance to ask anything you like and learn more about the ways in which they provide seamless, secure WiFi access and innovative location-aware experiences.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @Elena_Cloud4Wi .  If you could describe your perfect customer, what would they look like?  What kind of business or problem is well suited to your offering?

Hi @PhilipDAth,

Nice to e-meet you.


Cloud4Wi platform works seamlessly on top of Meraki networks, enabling organizations to offer secure and seamless WiFi services across all their locations, while unleashing location aware experiences – without any additional workload for IT staff.
The perfect client for Cloud4Wi platform would be any large enterprise organization that requires secure, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for its users.
Cloud4Wi is particularly well-suited for industries such as retail, hospitality, transportation, retail, healthcare, education, and government agencies, among others. For example, retailers can use Cloud4Wi to provide customers with personalized promotions and offers based on their location and purchase history, and enable them to easily access additional product information and reviews while they shop. Hotels and resorts can use Cloud4Wi to offer a seamless, secure WiFi experience to their guests. Transportation providers such as airlines and train companies can use Cloud4Wi to enable secure WiFi access for their passengers. Healthcare providers can use Cloud4Wi to provide secure WiFi access to patients and visitors, while educational institutions can use it to offer secure WiFi access to students, faculty, and staff.
Cloud4Wi is the trusted partner of leading global enterprises –including Albertsons, Aldi,  Burger King, Campari Group, Carmila (Carrefour Group), Guess, Gruppo FS Italiane, Prada Group, Puma, RaiaDrogasil and Valentino.


Nice to read your description, are you presente in france ?
Good job and I would like to work in your compagny.


Thank you. We have partners and clients in France

Here to help

Cloud4Wi is delighted to receive such recognition. This acknowledgment highlights the fruitful partnership between Cloud4Wi and Cisco Meraki as we develop a distinctive WiFi solution for global enterprises.

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