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Meraki Outdoor OD2 Outdoor Repeater

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Meraki Outdoor OD2 Outdoor Repeater

Hi, my previous company was throwing one of these units away (worked perfect) so i snatched it up and hung onto to it for a while. I just looked recently and saw them listed for like $80 on eBay, so I listed and sold mine. The buyer just contacted me and said "The serial number for the unit you sold me remains a part of another system registered with Meraki. I can't use this until you provide me the release code so that I can release it from your system. Please provide refund or release code".


Does anyone know what they are talking about? I guess I could just send them a refund, but thought I would check here. I dont have a way of getting them a release code at this point, if that is a real thing. But I thought I would post this to see if someone know of another way, and to know if what they are saying is true. I'm happy to refund them if its legit. But I'd also like to help them if they're confused. Searched online for a while but couldnt find anything.


Thank you for any help you can provide!

Kind of a big deal

Re: Meraki Outdoor OD2 Outdoor Repeater

It needs to be removed from the inventory of the company that originally owned it. You need to ask someone with administrative rights to that network to do this.

Also the new user will need a licence to use it in their network.
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Re: Meraki Outdoor OD2 Outdoor Repeater

@PhilipDAth is correct, the device would need to be removed from the Dashboard inventory where it is currently registered, someone with administrative rights in the original Dashboard Organization would need to "unclaim" the device on their Organization > Inventory page.  Then the device could be claimed into the Dashboard Organization of your buyer.  In addition to claiming the device into their Org and adding the device to their network, they will need an AP license such as LIC-ENT-1YR.  The license is required but they can still add the device and use it without a license for 30 days which is the standard grace period.  So unfortunately you do need to get with someone who has admin rights in the Dashboard Org to unclaim the OD2, that's not something Support can do.

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Re: Meraki Outdoor OD2 Outdoor Repeater

This device wouldn't be covered by warranty as it is EOS/EOL already, but be aware of the implications when selling/buying Cisco Meraki devices:

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