Meraki MR56 Latency Issues with Thin Clients

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Meraki MR56 Latency Issues with Thin Clients

So, we are experiencing some issues in our LAN where users who are signed into their RDP session are experiencing some serious latency issues. I checked the ping utility for some of the devices and they are having latency upwards of 50 - 100ms. The Thin Clients are all wireless, but can be wired. I tested them with an ethernet connection and they are very stable with very little latency. However, we had all of our users on their thin clients and they were working fine on wireless for a couple months. Randomly they stared having this issue and we do not understand why it's doing what it is. I don't see that the RF Spectrum is being flooded. The issue is resolved when the computer is plugged into ethernet. The thing is, it's only happening on the South and West sides of our building. The north side is fine and they're not experiencing any latency issues.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What version are you running?

It's running MR28.5

How is the Minimum bitrate configured in your RF profile? Is Band Steering enabled? If yes, try disabling it.

The minimum bitrate for the basic indoor profile we are using is 18. Client balancing is turned off and channel width is set to 80MHz. This is also making use of 802.11ax. We do have some QoS settings in place to prioritize RDP traffic and give it unlimited bandwidth per client. As for the noise, there is barely any noise in the RF Spectrum. It has been reading less than 20 - 30 per day.

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