Meraki MR Tunneling SSID to Reduendant MX concentrator

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Meraki MR Tunneling SSID to Reduendant MX concentrator

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Getting straight to the point. 


We have multilple branches connected via MPLS, and there two DC out of which INternet is accessible.

We require MX appliance at each DC to be placed in DMZ and Guest WiFi will be tunneled to MX device.

Now for redudnacy, I think we can have 2 MX devices in each DMZ in HA failover. ( I assume when selecting Concentrato in MR SSID config, the HA pair would be identified by virtual IP?)


But for further redundancy at DC level, meaning if entire DC goes dwon, we want all the MR devices to tunnel data to another DC where we have MX devices in HA pair (or not necessarily, maybe 1 device).

So my  quesiton is, How do we setup MR devices to tunnle data to another MX device that is in entirely differetn DC in case of DC failure?



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Good question. I don't see it possible ... 😞

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

HI, you can now select a secondary concentrator

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