MR53 displaying very high utilisation on 5GHz

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MR53 displaying very high utilisation on 5GHz

We have experienced in the last 10 days a worsening of utilization on our MR53 in our 5GHz range (after a recent firmware update). Examples are that we currently have an empty building with an AP on channel 100 and no other AP's with that channel. Our utilization rate for this band is displaying 62%. In a different building, we have our executive that isn't even able to zoom a call because the utilization rate goes beyond very high and we get kicked off or we get a broken connection where video and sound can't be heard. Support don't seem to understand the issue. Anyone able to provide advice.



Kind of a big deal

@Eric21 : What firmware are you using ?

upgrade the firmware and let me know the if you face the same issue. 

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Hi Inderdeep


We are on 27.7.1 which is the latest we can be on. Image below is one example. There is no one in that building.






Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Eric21 there are many more newer firmwares, we run our 100+ APs in production with 28.3 and are about to upgrade them to 28.4.  We don't have any issues like this, or other serious issues.

Kind of a big deal

@Eric21 my understanding is that those utilisation figures are the utilisation of the channel from all sources, not just your Meraki access points. That’s not to say that there isn’t a problem with the APs, but it could also be some other RF source in your environment - malicious, or otherwise. 

What you could try and do is move those APs to different channels and see if it goes away, or continues. If you’ve manually selected the channels then adjust them, or if you’ve got auto-channel selection on then remove those channels from the auto selection to see if it changes things.

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I think this could be outside interference. I had a similar issue once and found there was a wireless bridge nearby and poorly configured causing interference.  I would try physically moving the MR and observing again. Maybe even take it to another building or home to see the difference and prove (or disprove) the point that there is outside interference. 

Getting noticed

Chuck a basic Wi-Fi Analyzer-type application on your phone and go to the area if it's possible, take a look at what SSIDs are being seen with channel usage and -dB values. Likely interference from APs external to your network as others have suggested

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

are you using 20 40 80 mhz?

did you try reboot that ap?

did you try using another channel on that ap?

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