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MR45 and MR55 running on 802.3af?

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MR45 and MR55 running on 802.3af?

HI there, I am wondering if the new MR45 and Mr55 are running with limited power means 802.3af like the old APs?

of course with limitation in the amount of enabled radios and MIMO but at least run to ease transformation of large scale.

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Re: MR45 and MR55 running on 802.3af?

@-ray-  Yes, The APs might come online with 802.11af but it is not recommended as some of the antennas will be turned off and you won't be able to leverage 802.11ax.

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Comes here often

Re: MR45 and MR55 running on 802.3af?

The following answer I got in the Wi-Fi 6 Webinar.

" All of our WAPs have 4 radios. The BLE and scanning radios won't work if you're on 802.3af. The client serving radios will still have enough power to serve client devices.

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