MR42s wouldn't register to dashboard

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MR42s wouldn't register to dashboard

We had a strange thing happen on an office turnup yesterday. The MX67 and MS 48 port went in no problem - registered and worked. The wired desktops and phone got out to the Internet and the tunnel formed to the data center. Everything was working fine - EXCEPT the MR42 which got a DHCP address was failing to phone home/register to the dashboard. We tried doing a factory reset. No luck. I ran a packet capture and all I could see was arping. No attempts to get out and register. We rebooted everything. I also tried putting the AP onto the wired vlan. But that failed too. Eventually I gave up and just put back their classic Cisco AP which worked right away. I have about 100 branches and Meraki's deployed all over. I've never run into this reluctance to register. Any thought what might have been going on?




Kind of a big deal

@MerakiMed : Just look into the below link and try if you encounter any of the problem describe there


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Thanks. I was not aware of Help/Firewall info.That's a good guide. But we permit all traffic outbound. 


I didn't think to look at the lights. 

One other suggestion in that doc was to look at the device's status page. But I'm guess that only applies to MX? I tried to connect to the LAN IP of a would of MR's with no luck.

Kind of a big deal

Were you able to add the MR42 to your inventory and network?  I had a couple rare occurrences a couple years ago where some batches of device serial numbers were not properly populated by Meraki's back end that prevented me from bringing some new gear online.  It sounds similar to what you are describing, but maybe not the same.



Hi. Yes it made it into inventory and was added to the network. Grabbed an IP address. But seemed to never phone home. 

Kind of a big deal

From the ARP requests it looks like the AP couldn’t see its default gateway hence why you’re not seeing requests go beyond that.

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