MR42 not all SSID visible

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MR42 not all SSID visible


I have a strange issue. I have installed a new AP on a site, but only 2 of 5 SSID are visible. Dashboard says, all are broadcasting, config looks fine, as we have everywere the same.
Firmware is 25.13. On all other AP all SSID`s are visible.


What could be the problem? Reboot i have done already..




Kind of a big deal

Do you see the problem on multiple clients?

Yes, there are multiple users, all have the same problem. On other locations it works fine...

Are you using tags to determine which SSIDs show on which APs?


If you are, maybe the tags on this AP are different from those on the other APs?

The SSID is enabled for all AP`s, no Tags are used.

Not joking but have you tried rebooting it? It's possible it hit a snag or something.
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Ignore me lol

Your last sentence was that you tried rebooting already lol
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I know it's annoying, but I'd try a factory reset as my next step. Or maybe a cold reboot first i.e. turning off PoE on the port.

Kind of a big deal

>Yes, there are multiple users, all have the same problem. 


Are these users using different types of devices or are all the devices the same type?


I haven't seen it for a long time, but some devices don't process BSSIDs that well.  BSSID is what is used to advertise "SSID"s 2 and up from an AP.  An SSID is used for the wifi network.

If all the devices are the same type then it could be this issue (which is a device issue).



Kind of a big deal

Possibly there is a schedule keeping those SSIDs from broadcasting?

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I had the same problem with my MR42‘s. A cold reboot helped. 
I opened a case: it seems to be a known problem with v25.14 and further. They say: with v26.6 the problem should be solved.

I did update some smaller locations. No issue since then. I will update a big location at christmas. 

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