MR42 and BLE (not detecting Bluetooth devices )

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MR42 and BLE (not detecting Bluetooth devices )


We have several (12 to be exact) MR42 devices. In specs it is stated that those support BLE beaconing and BLE scanning.

Scanning and Beaconing  enabled via meraki cloud dashboard (IoT Radio Settings) , but no sensors with BLE enabled (non cisco made sensors) detected. Overall no Bluetooth devices detected at all on premises. What can be the issue?

Kind of a big deal

I tested it and it worked as expected.

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I've got an MR42 successfully doing Bluetooth scanning. There's not really much to it after enabling it in the IOT Radio settings.

Kind of a big deal

Are you supplying 802.3at power (rather than 802.3af) to the MR42?


I don't remember clearly now, but some models disable some functions when they only get 802.3af power.

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