MR36 - Document AP with best signal

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MR36 - Document AP with best signal

Hi team,

I have a request from a partner that ask me for document
which describe what is the best method to place the AP with best signal (MR36 product)

I didn’t find any ressources.

Do you have resources to provide me.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Re: MR36 - Document AP with best signal

@merakifr the datasheet is here: meraki_datasheet_MR36-1.pdf (


Effectively the coverage is a ball shape:




Kind of a big deal

Re: MR36 - Document AP with best signal

Normally you should employ a wireless site survey that takes in the business use case for the wireless network and the used device types, user counts etc... to determine the number of AP's and the best suited locations.


Usually in an office environment AP's with internal antennas like the MR36 should be mounted horizontally so you get signal spread around the AP.  Other environments like warehousing, production, outdoor can have way different placement.  This is why a site survey is important.

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