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MR33 - SSID to 2 x different cabled networks?

Comes here often

MR33 - SSID to 2 x different cabled networks?


I hope someone can re-assure me, as I need to sort this out quickly before committing to deploying numerous MR33 (or above) devices for our WiFi solution.


Scenario is this...


Private LAN - corporate network, This is on it's own switched network, has it's own firewall and comms links.


Guest Network - basically connected directly into the ISP router, straight out to the internet. No cabled link at all to the private LAN.


Meraki told me you can't use multiple physcial cables to different networks as uplinks, so that rules out the dual interface MR models. Besides, they're over budget anyway.


So, with an MR33, single uplink cable, can I get an SSID for Guest going to one cabled network, and an SSID for corporate which cables off to our private network? I assume it's all possible with VLAN's etc, but can someone perhaps explain the process a little for me, as I've only done VLANs on a set of switches years ago for separating iSCSI, vMotion, and networking. And I mean 5+ years ago!


Is there a nice deployment document or better still a video that can explain how this can be achieved?


Many thanks in advance

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Re: MR33 - SSID to 2 x different cabled networks?

basicly a vlan is a "separate" switch.


you put your mr33 on a switch trunk port(port with more vlans) with the wanted vlans(guest and corperate). 


also u make a access port with the vlan you defined for guest and u can connect the isp router here.


at your guest ssid settings you assign the same vlan for guest.

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