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MR33 Bridging Project

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MR33 Bridging Project


just trying to work out if this feasible, I'm looking to have effectively a work bench (it's not, but that concept will be simpler then explaining the factory equipment in use) that will be off sometimes and other times wheeled in and turned on. 
My idea would be to have the devices on it connected to a switch on the bench, with a MR33 attached to the switch, and when powered up, have it bridge to the rest of the network to have it all connected.  We are wanting to avoid end users plugging in network cables due to the "hostile" environment where the equipment will be located.
a) is this feasible\possible?

b) what do I need to do, because my limited testing so far is failing completely.

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Re: MR33 Bridging Project

Yes you can do this. Here is the link to more info.


The normal gotcha s forgetting to set the "Clients wired directly to Meraki AP Behave like they are connected to "SSID" see below.




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Re: MR33 Bridging Project

Depending on what you mean by "bridge", and the distances involved you may have better results using a PtP/PtMP link. Meraki has a PtP option using their MR74 model, but that might not be a cost effective solution for occasional use.

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