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MR32 issue

MR32 issue

i have 2 SSID using Open Authentication, 1 for guest using click splash, 1 for staff with 3rd party cerdentials. But 2 SSID can't connect ? I try to connect but after connected, i ejected. Auto connect -> auto eject. In laptop Windows 10, i dont have this problem. Macbook,android,iphone have this problem. I change to another SSID with password,it ok.
So, what can i do ? Sorry for my bad English.

Kind of a big deal

Re: MR32 issue

Do you see anything in:

Network-wide/Event Log ?


Re: MR32 issue

Notthing 😞 
You can see this problen in my Video. When i try to connect to Guest , my phone auto connect to this SSID. It connected but after 10s, my phone auto reject. I try in another phone, same problem. 


Re: MR32 issue

Try to disable the 802.11r and 802.11w features on these SSID and make some tests.


Take a look on your Air marshal if has some Rougue SSID or Spoofs. You can allow the option (Allow clients to connect to rougue SSID by defulat) and testing.


Other good troubleshoot is getting the Pack Capture of your Client by MAC Address on the Meraki Dashboard.




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