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Hello everyone, 


I hope you can help with the problem I'm experiencing. 

I'm based in a school with 19 MR32 and 1 MX100. About 2 weeks ago, some of the MR32 have gone from gateway to repeater. Since we were in lockdown, I couldn't physically check what was the problem. 

Last Friday I decided to upgrade the firmware to MR 26.6.1, since I upgraded all the MR32 became unreachable. 

They have either orange blinking led or rainbow led. 


I want to clarify that the MX100 is working properly, without any problem whatsoever. 


Did someone experience the same problem? 


Thanks in advance for the help! 


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Can you power cycle at least one of the APs? 

Failures on updates can occur from time to time, but all of them at once is a bit odd.


In your case I would also check DHCP leases and ports the APs are connected to. The fact that some of the APs had turned to repeater mode before the update, mean that they weren't able to receive an IP through the wired interface.



Thanks for your prompt response;. 

I power cycled 2 APs and they started blinking with the Rainbow Pattern. 

This is what it gives me under the DHCP lease. 

Schermata 2020-05-18 alle 14.58.59.png


Thank you again! 

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So, if I understand correctly, there is only one subnet/vlan on your network. And the APs do not seem to get an IP through DHCP. If you are not using static IPs on the APs, maybe some networking problem?


Can you connect a laptop on a port that an AP is normally connected? Does it get an IP?

Do you have Meraki switches between the MX100 and the MR32s?



Yes, correct there is only one subnet. 


Yes, I forgot to mention that I have different swtich between the MX100 and the MR32. 

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and have you tried to check the port on the MS where your MR 32 is connected if  it is enabled  state and PoE too 



I have checked on the MX100 configuration ( and these are the 2 ports I am using (both are enabled)Schermata 2020-05-18 alle 16.48.05.pngSchermata 2020-05-18 alle 16.48.55.png


Thank you! 

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That is your uplink ports to the internet.
Did you check if a client connected to the switch gets an IP through DHCP and can connect to the internet?
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