MR30H as a repeater

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MR30H as a repeater

Does any know if it is possible to use a MR30H as a repeater that is powered by a PoE injector? I need to connect 1 device that does not have wifi capabilities so thought I could connect the device to port 1 on the MR30H and then use a PoE injector to power the AP through it's uplink port.

In theory the MR30H should not get an IP address on the uplink port so knows it is not on the wired LAN and should then try to mesh with my MR42. I have left the MR30H and MR42 beside each other for a few hours at a time but they never mesh.

If I connect the MR30H to the wired network it appears fine in the dashboard so there is nothing wrong with the AP.

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Wireless Meshing should be available from the MR30H. To get Wireless meshing to work ensure that both AP's are using the same 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz channel to get them meshing. Have a read of this document and watch the video which provides some great insight to wireless meshing (

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Thanks for the advice. I've already tried the information in this link but to no avail. The MR30H is showing in the dashboard fine when connected to the LAN, there is only one SSID enabled and it is for both 2.4 and 5GHz. I remove the uplink cable to the MR30H, power it using a PoE injector but it does not mesh.

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