MR20 limits

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MR20 limits

Does anyone know how many connected devices the MR20 can handle? We are having intermittent issues where devices show they are connected to the wireless network, but no connectivity is working. On phones, I typically see a ! next to the connection. It seems to happen when there's quite a few (not that many in the grand scheme of things) people connected.

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As always with WiFi, it depends.

What type of devices, running what applications? There is no fixed number of devices that the AP supports.

100 devices or more could be simply connected, doing backround sync tasks, without issues.


Do all devices have problems at the same time (which may be a routing issue), or specific devices?

Are the intermittent issues caused by the number of devices, or by an outside interference? 



It's mostly phones that connect to the wifi. We notice the issue mostly in the lunchroom and there's about 15 people or so and generally some are playing mobile games. I wouldn't have thought that 15 people in there would cause any issue, but it seems to be the case every day around lunch time as more people come in. 

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I'm seeing this: meraki.JPG

Looking through some of the events, it's looking like a lot of the issues are not even from that AP, but from a different one. And most of them have to do with a wrong password being inputted. Kind of odd that they don't get that from other AP's.

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