MR18 for POC

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MR18 for POC

My partner wants to use an MR18 in a remote worker trial we're starting next week.  Besides being EoS, are there any caveats I should be aware of?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As long as you have a license then it should still work.  Ideally I believe the 25.x code was supposed to be better on the MR18 but support can help you with that if it is already on 26.x and has issues.

Thank you cmr.  This helped!

Kind of a big deal

Using an old end of life MR for a "Proof of Concept" may be misleading.


You can get free trial gear.  If you are in IT and not a Meraki customer already you can often get free gear just for attending a webinar. 

PhilipDAth, can one get gear if you're a Cisco partner?

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If you are a Cisco partner you can go through your sales-order team for a trial (that's what we do).
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