MR to MX (thats in concentrator mode)

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MR to MX (thats in concentrator mode)

I cant seem to find this information.


I know that the AP creates a tunnel to the MX.

And I know that when the MX is in "NAT" mode, I can select the VLAN from the dropdown list.

But when the MX is in concentrator mode it just says :


(Enter a VLAN id, or leave blank)


If I enter lets say 100 here, will the contrator mode MX (thats only connected on the WAN port) tag packets from this SSID out with VLAN 100 on that WAN port ?




Thanks, it was just not very clear from the Documentation I think.

Hmmm one more thing I cant find in the documentation.

Does a SSID tunnel to MX count as a site-to-site tunnel ? towards the maximum number of site-to-site tunnels a certain MX HW appliance can handle ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


Kind of a big deal

@thomasthomsen, I agree with you, the documentation on using the MX as a wireless concentrator isn’t great, but as @ww stated it’s ‘yes’ to both your questions.

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