MR hardware issue

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MR hardware issue

Hey Folks,


One of our MR AP's in our office is dead due to a water leak from A/C. Is there any chance I can fix it? My vendor advised me to ask cisco as they might help me replace it. Anyone experienced the same thing?


Appreciate you inputs. TIA



Kind of a big deal

What kind of MR is it? If it's not End of Life, you'd have lifelong warranty. It'd be replaced by opening a case with Meraki.

Kind of a big deal

As @CptnCrnch states if you have a license aka support then you should be ok to contact support and request a replacement.

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@CptnCrnch its MR33. I thought so. I've already opened a case to Meraki for RMA.


@UCcert Yes, it does have license.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@hasnorMD if Cisco refuse to replace it due to the water damage, you can open up the case and dry it out, we had an MR that filled with water and died, was emptied and dried a week or so later and it is fully functional again

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additionally what @cmr has said:
I would also clear it with destiled water to get rid of water rests and dirt. Normal water might result in some corrosion which would damage the AP additionally.

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Its unlikely that they'll replace it. Water damage from a water leak would typically fall on your insurance company to deal with.

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Just an update guys, replacement is in process. I'll be waiting for the hardware to be shipped out.


A big point for MR over Aironet. 



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