MR RF Pattern in Spec Sheet

Getting noticed

MR RF Pattern in Spec Sheet

Meraki's has nice diagrams showing Vertical and Horizontal RF patterns for all MR radios. Does anyone know if these were generated without metal mounting plate attached? They seem a little too symmetrical considering the attenuation from the metal mounting plate. 

Getting noticed

This is a good question @scrapiron, I would imagine that the RF measurements and diagraming do take into account the mounting plate.  Without working at it a bit, an MR would be challenging to mount on a ceiling or a wall without the mounting plate.  Not to mention it could be a safety concern, ie an AP falling.  5 GHz as we know would be more impacted / not impacted by a mounting plate, if you take a peek at the attached, it appears the mounting plate is considered.   


Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.46.34 PM.png 

that good question I also did it to me but with the M-ANT-27 I assume as it says @Ryan-Zimmerle that they are contemplated
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