MR 44 wifi clients are not getting IP address from Window server DHCP

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MR 44 wifi clients are not getting IP address from Window server DHCP

I'm replacing my old cisco wifi AP's with MR 44.  the old cisco AP's wifi clients get their IP address form the DHCP.  I notice we have some DHCP options in the scope for wifi clients to get assigned a specific subnet. 

I have plugged  12 Meraki AP and the AP's themselves get an assigned IP from the windows dhcp but the wifi clients do not.  could the old cisco DHCP options be preventing the Meraki wifi clients from getting an IP address?


scope opitions on the windows DHCP Options are 241, 43 and 103

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It sounds like the SSID is not in bridged mode. You need that for external (from the AP) DHCP to function with clients. 

Hi Brandon, I'm sorry I forgot to mention.  I have the SSID set to bridge mode.  I have configured the port the AP's are connected to trunk ports adding the vlan of where the dhcp server resides on.  I'm able to authenticate to the Radius server but don't get an IP address.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does the svi from that client vlan has a dhcp relay/helper to your dhcp server

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Hello @ww , I'm not sure how to check, is there a command I can run on the switch?

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This rule needs to say allow for local LAN


Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 19.52.30.png

@Ryan , thank you for your suggestion for this.  I check this option and it allows for access to other networks in the WLAN outside my on-prem networks but using the Meraki AP assigned NAT mode which assigns IP addresses to the client in the network.  which could overlap with other networks in our global MPLS.  not sure

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If you used to use a Cisco AireOS based controller, chances are that you were using DHCP proxy mode in which the controller relays the DHCP requests to the server.  In that case you wouldn't have needed a DHCP relay on the default gateway in your LAN where the client is at.
Please check as @ww said that you have dhcp relay (helper address) configured on all the interfaces of your gateway device that routes these subnets.

I did notice the AireOS controllers are pointing to my internal DHCP server.  when I run ipconfig on a client connected to the old AP's it states the DCHP server as which is associated with the AP controller.

now I have configured the port on the switch in which the Meraki AP is connected to a trunk and added the VLAN allowed in which my internal DHCP resides and the wireless vlan. which I also noticed it's tagged on the AireOS controller along with DHCP options on the internal DHCP Options are 241, 43 and 103.

I don't see any helper address on the user access switches.  I do see helper addresses on the core switches.  so some how users' access switches are getting pointed to the core switches that than point to the DHCP server.

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