MR 33 AP's will not connect to raduis server (TACACS)

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MR 33 AP's will not connect to raduis server (TACACS)

VLANS allowed on Trunk are correct for Data VLAN. Both switch and router onsite have TACACS Functionality and Radius/TACACS server can be pinged from AP's on dashboard. But Packets do not return to AP's and test on SSID that will be utilizing Radius fails.IP addresses are entered into Radius as well. Radius configuration is correct including port and key. What am I missing?

Getting noticed

What type of authentication are you using?  Username/PW? Certificate based? Have you tried the test option from the SSID page on your dashboard, or just tried connecting a device to test?

In my scenario with 802.1X certificates the test from the Dashboard fails, but devices connect properly.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What does your RADIUS server log say?

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