MR-30h security mounting


MR-30h security mounting

Has anyone else had trouble with an MR-30h being removed? Even with the security screw I've had several stolen. Is there a better way to secure them to the wall?

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Some models have a kensington lock option, but not the MR30h.


Other than locking the AP inside a box, there are not many things you can actually do here.

Given enough force and time, all APs can be removed.

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@Drew325 If you cannot fix it with duct tape... you are not using enough duct tape. 😀  I've seen customers also place stick-on labels that state they are cloud-managed secure-boot phone-home devices, useless if stolen, and remain under the owner's control when re-connected even if stolen.  Just a mild deterrent, won't stop forced removal or vandalism.  I've also seen customers use a security box like @antonis_sp mentioned, similar to a lockable wall-mount thermostat guard box. 

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