Lost credendiales for Meraki Dashboard

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Lost credendiales for Meraki Dashboard


I have a client who fired his network manager, he did not deliver the credentials of Daskboard Meraki, the Access Points associated with that account stopped working. I would like to know if there is the possibility of releasing those Access Points and associating them with another account.
I created a new account but when I entered the Access Points serial, I got the following message "The following devices are already in use".

I hope you can help me, thanks.

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contact support. They hold the keys to that

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It is possible but its a very long process and requires the company provide proof of ownership. Depdning on the model of access points it's probably easier and quicker just to buy new ones. 

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Wasn't the admin account on a corporate email?

As @BrechtSchamp says, try doing a password recovery using his old email address, and what for an email coming into his old account.

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I have a customer in the same situation. They had a third party install the access points several years ago. The third party is not responding to the client (even had a lawyer involved). The client does not have access to the dashboard. Has anyone had success with Meraki granting access to the owner? I believe they still have the sales order information. 

Kind of a big deal

They'll have to get in contact with the helpdesk. And involve a Meraki sales rep too. Nothing is on the community can do unfortunately.

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