Looking for a way to get Total unique users and hours used across all wireless networks for a year


Looking for a way to get Total unique users and hours used across all wireless networks for a year

Hi Folks,


I've been asked to report on the following for the previous Australian financial year (1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019)

* Total number of unique users for all wireless networks associated with our organisation

* Total number of hours used for all wireless networks associated with the our organisation


I'm looking through the available tools on our meraki instance (note that we don't have a syslog server, which seems like it might solve this issue) and I've hit the following obstacles:

 the summary report tool only allows me to select data for about a 6 month period, which means the "unique users for a year" value wouldn't be accurate (i.e. if I ran two separate reports for the two 6 month periods it wouldn't be unique users for the whole year)

* there doesn't seem to be a raw count of hours used in any of the built-in reports


Is anyone aware of a way to obtain this from the delivered tools/reports on either the meraki dashboard or via APIs?

Head in the Cloud

Hi @Tommyrot 


I understand this may not be possible.

I believe "syslog" was the answer.

Summary Reports gives us very minimal information. APIs again talks to Dashboard for information, which I understand is maintained only for 30 Days.

Kind of a big deal

You can't.

Here is a blog post with some more info about data retention, but like others said, nothing goes back 1 year

Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

Thanks very much for confirming this everyone.

Good to understand a bit more from that https://www.willette.works/meraki-event-logs/ article, thanks @NolanHerring 

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