Long distance wireless network (3km, 9,842.51ft)

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Long distance wireless network (3km, 9,842.51ft)

I am currently in need of setting up a connection between 2 locations over some sort of wireless connection. I was wondering what the best option to go would be. The distance is 3km or ~9,900ft and there is a direct line of site. Preferably a high bandwidth would be desirable but as long as it works i'm happy. (30mbps minimum) Low latency is also required. Thank you.

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I don't think I would use Meraki for this solution.

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This would be much better handled by the PTP bridging solutions from various other vendors. The closest you can try with Meraki is an outdoor AP and a narrow antenna but that is a poor approximation of that.  

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Meraki is not the solution for this
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

When we do P2P links between sites, we usually go with Ubiquity's airMax product line..

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We use ubiquity for this... You can use that equipment without license and it is very well protected. If you use some specific setting you can go up to 15 Km. Line of sight is of course necessary





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Yep, that is also the only time I use products from Ubiquity.

AirMax or AirFiber is the way to go.


Just watch that fresnel zone (the higher frequency of your link, the smaller the zone. Do some calculations, and watch that landscape for obstructions 🙂 ).


And please check your local regulations for allowed frequencies and transmit power, they are different around the worldm and from country to country.


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