Layer 7 blocking reporting

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Layer 7 blocking reporting

Is it possible to see a report or a log entry when the Layer 7 firewall blocks a site or application?


We have just discovered that Apple iOS and App Store updates on iPhones and iPads were blocked because we had blocked all Video & Music.


At some point in January this has been grouped into the iTunes block. It has taken weeks to finally work out where the issue lies.


Would be great to have better visibility.


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What way is your network configured NAT or Bridge?

For me the content filtering via the L7 firewall section and the Group policies are simply logged as in the attached image.

There are entries from the predefined ones such as Pay2Surf and stuff later in the logs so I know those are listed too.

Not particularly useful and really there should be a script pulling the data out (but this is from my home network and it's not important enough to bother about.)

Filtering Log entries.PNG

Sorry, should have made it clear that this is on an MR access point, not on an MX.
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