Layer 3 knob for SSID

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Layer 3 knob for SSID

I was told that within a wireless network on Meraki there is a configuration if your SSID spans 2 subnets within the same buildings


Building A connected to Building B. with same SSID

Building A SSID is A.A.A.0/24

Building B SSID is B.B.B/24


I just am having trouble locating that settings page

Meraki Employee

It's under the client IP assignment section


L3 roaming is specifically for when you say for example have 3 floors with layer 3 subnets pushed to the access layer. So, clients get IPs in subnet 1, 2, 3 depending on which floor they're on. If devices are going to roam from one floor to another (meaning actively using device during the physical move) then layer 3 roaming is a good option.


If however a user will move and say carry a laptop, tablet, etc with them from their desk on 1st floor to a conf room on floor 3 that's not really a use case or need for L3 roaming. Standard mapping of the SSID/APs to their respective floor VLAN ID with bridged mode is fine.


Time and time again I see dashboards with L3 roaming enabled and mapped to a single VLAN. That does literally nothing different than standard bridged mode to a single VLAN 😉


Btw this is all explained in great detail here

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