Issue deploying MR44 into existing wireless network

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Issue deploying MR44 into existing wireless network

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I configured a new MR44 for the office, and it won't play nice with the existing WLANs that are already there.
Clients that are connected to the MR44, can't to to any other device on the MR44 and anything else on the network.

Almost like there are firewalls in place somewhere that I can't find in the settings?

MR44 is setup in bridge mode, SSID's configured the same with the same VLAN's without issues.    Devices that connect to the MR44, I can ping via the tools, but not from anywhere on the network.  Even devices on the MR44 can't see or talk to each other.

DHCP server on my existing LAN.  Clients get IP's from it.
L2 isolation off, any-any-any-ipv4 rule configured, Traffic shaping off.
Air Marshal set to allow, SSID's added to the Allow list.
Air Marshall says SSID Spoof, but I can't see anywhere to allow it?

What am I missing?

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Are you allowing Local Lan communication?




Yes, that is set.  (any-any-any-ipv4) Allow.
I just saw that RA Guard was enabled, I just disabled it.  But I doubt that was it.

@mjenks I don't know what type of devices are you testing, but Have you checked the firewall on the device? Have you performed a packet capture?

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By 'existing WLANs' do you have pre-existing MR devices set up and you're simply adding the MR44 as an additional unit to that fleet (same network, SSIDs, RF Profile) or is this meant to be a standalone unit with its own config?

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I am adding a MR44 to the existing wireless, using the same SSID's as the existing.

But the MR44 seems to be fighting against being part of the existing wireless.

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If you want to shoot me a serial number of an AP or your dashboard link I can take a look. I have tons of customers using MR44s without issue. I also have them here at home and they work fine.

I might just do that.   I say this is for business, but this is also for my home.  I was given a MR44 for testing, and am trying to bring the up at home to test with it.   But I have 4 AP's here already and am working on replacing one of them with the MR44.   But anything that connects to it seems to be on an island and can't talk to/from other LAN/WLAN devices.

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Take the newest firmware version:  MR28.6. It solved a lot of issues in my network.

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