Is it possible to get IoT/BLE data real-time, using MQTT.

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Is it possible to get IoT/BLE data real-time, using MQTT.

Hello. I have a Meraki MR33 AP which I'm trying to get BLE data from. I've managed to get data using Scanning API as described in the following docs.!bluetooth-scanning


I'm wondering is it possible to get data using MQTT or any other equivalent real-time protocols? I couldn't find anything related to this other than Scanning API.


Thank you in advance.


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Hello @thejrace ,

On the newer models of access points MQTT feature is available. 

In order to start configuring MQTT service on MR, please go to Wireless > IoT Settings > MQTT Settings.

Select Enable on  Stream Telemetry via Access Points in order to display all Settings to be configured.

Let me know if any concerns. There should be a document available soon and I will share it here.

Kind of a big deal

I've not tested with MR33's but they are Wifi 5 wave 2 AP's so they should support MQTT streaming.


This doc is fairly helpful regarding config and the MQTT schema

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