Integrating with Google SecureLDAP

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Integrating with Google SecureLDAP

Has anyone successfully integrated Google with Meraki WAP2-Enterprise using SecureLDAP? 

I'm wondering how to combine it with something like freeRADIUS and stunnel as a proxy as Meraki does not support certificates for the RADIUS server which is the only way Google allows connections.


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Re: Integrating with Google SecureLDAP

Not something I've done, but ultimately you'll need a RADIUS server that integrates with your Google directory. You could look at Fox Pass or Jump Cloud if you want something cloud based. Or as you said something like freeRADIUS which you'd then need to integrate with your Google directory. If you're doing WPA2-Enterprise then the certificate trust is between the wireless client and the RADIUS server (not the Meraki access point), and potentially also between the RADIUS server and the directory if that connection is secure too.

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Re: Integrating with Google SecureLDAP

in easy way, i only see the option WPA2 + captive portal with third party credentials access, supporting at this moment only Google.


it's not your requirement but maybe is a simple way to integrate the Google login account in the NAC.




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