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How to copy Traffice shaping policy

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How to copy Traffice shaping policy

Hi Team,


Is there way to copy Traffic shaping policy for SSID in Meraki Wireless ?

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Re: How to copy Traffice shaping policy

It can most likley be done using API, but you could use the configuration sync option to copy the ssid with the desired traffic shaping policy from the source network to the destination and then rename the SSiD (and change any other settings), although depending on your config might be more work doing this (good if the SSiD's are the same)

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Re: How to copy Traffice shaping policy

Yeah, API if you want to basically copy-paste modify per-client limitations.


I'd use a combo of "Update the traffic shaping settings for an SSID on an MR network" and then the update version of same.


You can also modify per-SSID per-client bandwidth under the SSID category.

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