How many max clients can a MR44 AP handle

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How many max clients can a MR44 AP handle



We have a requirement to provide open internet for one of the SSID. Please let me know how many max client ca a MR 44 AP can handle.

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How much bandwidth do they need? If unsure, to plan for about 25 clients per radio is typically working good.

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Yep, good rule is 25 unless VoIP needs and then it goes down to about 20.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

For a good VoIP experience it is recommended to have only 10 clients per radio and most VoIP vendors recommend 5GHz only so...  


It does seem extreme, but we moved most of our users to 2.4GHz to allow the VoIP handsets to use 5GHz and it has made a big difference to roaming experience and not a massive negative experience to the rest.

Kind of a big deal

As mentioned how much bandwidth each user will need is the question. If you can provide a bit more information about the environment they will be used in and the type of user that would help

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