Hospitality IPTV Multicast issues with MR30H


Hospitality IPTV Multicast issues with MR30H

Hi Team,

We have +150 Hotel Rooms with a Meraki MR30H per room. On the access, we have MS390-48 Switches on stacking configuration. TVs are Samsung

The issue: You can tune in to any channel without problems. But after a random amount of time, the TV channel froze and it comes back on random timeframes (From seconds to minutes). Basically, you can't watch TV for over 6 minutes without interruptions that will last seconds to minutes.

After extensive troubleshooting, we noticed that the problem resides on the Meraki MR30H.

When we connect the TV Directly to the MS390 all the channels perform as expected.

But when connected to MR30H (Port 4, in case it is relevant) the problem is persistent.


Any ideas? (There is already a case with Meraki open, as you can imagine)

Thanks in advance.

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