Guest user enabled across multiple sites in an organisation

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Guest user enabled across multiple sites in an organisation

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first post, so go easy on me!


I’ve got some guest users I’m creating across the organisation and I want to give them access to all sites.


what is the easiest way to create a user for the guest service with Meraki Authentication so that they can access all sites in the organisation? At the moment it looks like I need to authorise each account in every site for the guest ssid. I have 58 sites! 






Head in the Cloud

I don't think you can accomplish what you want with Meraki Authentication.  One approach would be to use RADIUS authentication for JumpCloud.  You would need to create a RADIUS configuration for each site, assign your guest users to a group and assign the group to the RADIUS sites.


JumpCloud can import users from Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Active Directory.


If you are only using JumpCloud for RADIUS authentication, it can quite inexpensive for the value.


PM me if you want to know more about JumpCloud or would like pricing.

Kind of a big deal

I *think* if they are all part of a template that authorising in one might authorise in all.  Not sure.


Otherwise you'll need to use the API and have it create the guest user while walking across all your networks.

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