Global WiFi solution using a standalone Radius server

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Global WiFi solution using a standalone Radius server

Hi we are interested in using a standalone Radius server to authenticate our Users that are working in independent networks using Meraki MXs and MRs. We think the instructions in could be the answer to our needs, however we don´t have the time to build a standalone radius server … do you know if there is a tested package we can use to build it ? It is ok if it is not free. We can spend some money if need it.


I appreciate your support on this. 




Kind of a big deal

For free options there's FreeRADIUS, but that's going to require you to build and manage a server to run it on. I'm not sure if they sell an appliance... They do sell services though.


For paid solutions there's products such as Cisco ISE, and Aruba ClearPass. Both are available as an appliance.


There's also cloud solutions like JumpCloud or Duo that are more IAM but have RADIUS functionality. These may also work for you.

Kind of a big deal

Have you looked at a cloud based directory service like Jump Cloud?

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