Flat "Jumper Cable" for MR36H ?

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Flat "Jumper Cable" for MR36H ?

In the default package for the MR36H there is a small UTP cable called "Jumper cable".

Do anyone know if it is possible from somewhere to get this in a very FLAT version, so that the AP can actually be mounted more directly on a wall using the existing mount ?


Because Im guessing that you cannot power the AP through any of the bottom ports.




Kind of a big deal

This cable can connect the PoE uplink port on the back to the passthrough port (on the back). You can use this setup if the uplink connectivity needs to be provided via the new passthrough port on the bottom of the AP. 



Yeah, I know what the cable is for.

But do anyone know of someone who makes a really flat version of this cable ?

Maybe you can do it yourself. It's pretty easy, unless you need it certified.

Kind of a big deal

something like this?



But I was wondering if someone made an almost dedicated, 1cm long (or whatever the "distance" between those two ports are), cable for those two backports, for this purpose

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Do you want a right angle plug on the cable to make it stick out less?  We have used these and although they are dubiously described as CAT8 they do work...



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The angle is a good idea , but for this scenario I need to "shortcircuit" those two back ports. 

A small flat port to port length cable would be really nice.

But I cannot seem to find one.

Kind of a big deal

I would try something different.  The existing wall plate on the wall - take it off.  The RJ45 socket - it can probably be popped out of the face plate.  Now you have the RJ45 socket and a big cavity in the wall to stuff everything into.

A good suggestion , but , ehh ,,, I use these APs right now for "special" cases, where there is not really a "wallplate" / hole behind the AP. Or .. let me rephrase, there is a small "gab" behind the AP, but not big enough to use the "in-box" jumper cable. Lets just say its pure metal behind the AP and im not allowed to make holes in that metal 🙂

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